As our society recovers from the recent xenophobic attacks only to be assaulted by the controversial operation Fiela we need time to reflect on our social fabric. Art should afford us this opportunity and our local theatre dares to sit the community of Nelson Mandela Bay down forcing them to look into the mirror.

Veil an acclaimed theatre production fearlessly digs into the carcass of our society to exhume the death of our humanity and the stench that is xenophobia. Having wowed audiences around the country and winning the Performing Arts Network of South Africa (PANSA) Audience Award in 2012, Theatre reviewer Gisele Turner has this to say when Veil was performed in Durban at The 8th Musho Theatre Festival.

“Veil has a powerful story line and is filled with insightful comment on South Africa’s attitude to African immigrants who flee their war torn countries to pursue a better life here. The main character, Ali is such a man. Losing his mother and brother at the hands of his ruthless rebel father, he has created a life for himself in South Africa by running a small tuck shop. He meets the beautiful young school girl Nosipho and it is not surprising that love should flourish between them. This love leads to a tragic conclusion as they are forced to face the resistance of their respective communities to their alliance.” 

“In these heated times where we find our society is still slave to xenophobia our nationalities and humanity cannot coexist” said Anele Penny who plays Ali. “When I meet a so called foreigner I am either South African and they are not or we are both human” he adds.

Set in the Port Elizabeth township of New Brighton Veil is an insightful and poignant script written by Zwai Mgijima. Veil will be showcasing at The Athenaeum on the 26 of June 2015 at 18:30, tickets are available at R50 contact Xolisa Ngubelanga on 073 274 7379 or Zwai Mgijima on 083 402 4525.


Xolisa Ngubelanga's photo.