About The Athenaeum

At any given moment, there will be theatre productions, art exhibitions, workshops, music performances, a perky coffee-shop, people in deep philosophical discussions, sometimes parties and events, painting, moving of furniture, often rehearsals, sometimes loads of children in their first ever play bouncing about – and of course, the ever present public art within, and on the perimeter, of the building.

There are also a couple of young creative industry entrepreneurs who have office and studio space in the building – and we have an open door policy, so visitors can pop in and see creativity in motion: from fashion design to photography; all kinds of creative engineering, from painting to film editing and soundscaping; graphic design to performance and music rehearsals.

The Athenæum has adopted the dual approach of showcasing local Eastern Cape talent and also exposing the Eastern Cape to national and international calibre talent so as to raise the bar locally. We are 100% focused on sharing creative currency – that’s ideas – and facilitating any projects that come through the door. It’s like coming home – to the coolest home on the block.

The current tenants are: